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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Project: Birth Country Pride Print

Today I have a little project to share with you.

You've probably seen all the "state pride" projects all over the web lately. Framed prints, pillows....even pumpkins....all sporting a favorite state. I decided to do my own little spin on that idea and make a birth country pride print.

As you know, we adopted our three kiddos and they were all born in India. Teaching our children about their Indian heritage is important to us, but with our kids, the understanding comes more difficultly it seems. This little print is meant to be a small, subtle reminder of where they've come from. And you know my theme is "letting your home tell your story"(see the About Me section at the top), so this project fits the bill.

I started with a very simple craft frame. This frame doesn't have any glass. It just has a cardboard insert that is held in with metal tabs on the back. I could've bought a frame to put my print in, but I was really trying to just use what I had on hand. Plus, what's the fun in that? :)

To create my image I did a Google search for maps of India. I found one that would work and saved it to my desktop. Then I used Photoshop Elements to create my image. The opening in the frame was 3 1/2 inches square so I made my image just slightly bigger. For the chevron background, I used a digital paper created by my friend Heather Nay (same paper as used in my blog header.) When I was done I saved it and printed it out.

Well, first I had to make a run to WalMart to get colored ink for my printer. AHHHHH!!!!!

Next, I painted my frame black using some leftover chalkboard paint. I don't intend to do any chalking on the frame, but again, I was just trying to use what I already had. I wound up doing three coats of paint.

Since there was not going to be a lot holding my image in place in the frame, I decided to Modge Podge my cut out image to the cardboard insert that came with the frame. It gives it a little protection since there's no glass also. I like the way this turned out because it also gave it a little texture.

I let everything dry well overnight and then I put the print in the frame.


I think it fits in nicely with this little gallery wall I've done that includes the silhouettes I showed you last week.

Just another little personalization in our home.

Today's Thankfulness....

* For a rainy day with nowhere to go.

* For beauty in simple things.

* For raisins (my latest craving)

* For a roof over my head.

Have a great day everybody!
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