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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pinterest Recipe Round-Up

I have a confession to make.

I don't really like to cook. THERE, I said it.

I used to like to cook. Back in the day when it was just Hubster and me, I would make wonderful meals that were waiting for him when he came home from a long day at work. We tried to eat healthy and tried new recipes. I even....wait for it....made homemade bread.

True story.

And then we had kids. I quickly found out that when I cook, I am "in the zone." I don't want to be interrupted. I don't want to have meaningful conversations, don't want to hear about your day. When I cook, I don't want to be distracted. I have to focus. As I'm sure you all know....that's really hard when you have kids.

Secondly, when the kids entered our lives, we all of the sudden had picky eaters in our house. There are two of them. Let me introduce you....

First, there's "Little Picky." He doesn't like melted cheese on anything, but pizza. He's really not a big fan of dairy at all.  He also doesn't like casseroles because he doesn't like different foods to touch each other on his plate. Oddly enough though, he does like vegetables. Even raw vegetables. If we are having something he doesn't like for dinner, he will sometimes ask if he can have salad instead. He generally only drinks water. ( WAIT A MINUTE....I just realized he sounds like a healthy eater. Okay, so the rest of us like cheese. Don't judge.)

Then there's "Truly Picky." She has never met a vegetable she wanted to eat. She also doesn't like beans (black, kidney, etc.), pepperoni, or....<gasp>....potatoes! For a long time the girl lived on mostly yogurt....seriously.

As most moms know, it's no fun to make dinner for your family only to sit down and have 2/5 of them say, "I don't like this!"

When homework entered our lives, making dinner was even less appealing. I mean, who wants to make dinner after their brain is fried from helping with 9th grade Algebra?

SO....all of that to say we needed a little excitement in our dinner menu. Enter Pinterest. You all know how I feel about's only a time-sucker if you don't use it, right?  I figured that since I had pinned so many recipes on my "Foodie Stuff" board that I better try some of them. Lately, I try to remember to look at that board before I do my grocery shopping and pick a couple new recipes to try.

Here are a couple that we've tried. Not all have been embraced by the "Picky's," but we've had a some success.

Beef-Stuffed Crescent Rolls from Six Sister's Stuff

We all loved these and they were gobbled up. Super easy to make and I mean, who doesn't like something wrapped in a crescent roll?

Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Bell Peppers from Quick 'N Easy Recipes

(I'm not sharing the photo here because it's a whole bunch of photos strung together showing how to make these, but you can check it out.)

These were pretty yummy. Those of us who like vegetables and cheese enjoyed them.
I do have to admit that I'm a bit of a roast beef snob though. So I substituted Hormel's Italian Roast Beef, which we like, for the deli meat.

Baked Pierogi Casserole from Table For Seven

Everyone loved this one! I must say that every time we have this I tell myself it should probably be a side dish. But we like it and use it as a main dish. And I may add extra bacon. Just sayin'.

There you have it. Three new recipes we've tried.

And this week we will be trying these.

Oven-Baked Beef Tacos from Six Sister's Stuff

Chicken Roll-Ups from Jenna's Journey

* Just a little mudroom update....I'm making progress slowly but surely. I just haven't been able to have big blocks of time to work on it. So it's been a few minutes or an hour here and there. I have sorted, organized, washed, and vacuumed though. And yesterday I got a little inspired to add some "cute." So I'm hoping to work on that a little today.*

Today's Thankfulness....

* For food on our table.

* That Hubster is home from a long business trip.

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