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Monday, October 28, 2013

Mud Room Organization OR Airing Out the Dirty Laundry

How's THAT for a post title?

Good Monday morning, everyone! And welcome to our mud room. I don't think I've shown you much of this room before....and you're all probably tired of seeing my living let's take a quick little tour. And I'm not kidding when I say quick.

This is the room you enter first when you come in our back door. Mud room is a good name for it because that's really all it does. It's painted a buttery yellow color, which I love. Someday, I would like to do something to make this a more used maybe add a settee or a couple comfy chairs to make it a nice space for reading. But for now it is just the spot that houses our coat closet and laundry.

Fortunately you wouldn't know that when you first walk in the room. We keep it all well hidden. This room was part of an addition we put on our house about three years ago. I knew our family could not have an open mudroom with cubbies and hooks. I knew that it would be perpetually messy and that would drive my crazy. So as much as I wanted cute cubbies with hooks, I used my head, did the practical thing, and put it all behind closed doors.

So as you walk in the door, there are double bifold doors to the right which is our coat closet.

And to the left, there are bifold doors which house our laundry as well as some storage shelves.

By the way, that cup shelf was made by my Dad when I was a little girl to have in my home someday. It is very special to me! My Mom and my sister have shelves just like it.

If you keep going around the room you'll see this little table.

So that's the little tour. And now for the dirty laundry part....

Saturday afternoon I was scrambling to find gloves and hats for the kids when we went to Trunk or Treat. I figured I should probably get the coat closet organized before Winter really kicks in. I know there are probably some coats and maybe boots in there that have been outgrown and could be donated. And the laundry closet closet always seems to be overflowing. So I decided to challenge myself to get these spots in order this week. And I figure if I post it here, I have to complete it, right?

So here are the "before" pictures. (Yikes! I hope you all appreciate my transparency here! Ha ha!)

Hopefully I will be back with an update in a day or two and have some "after" photos to show you.

Oh, and if you're interested in seeing the kids in their Halloween costumes that I slaved over last week (okay, not REALLY), I posted them over on my Facebook page.

Have a great day, everybody!

Today's Thankfulness....

*For a great weekend....Trunk or Treat, being together as a family, worship on Sunday.

* For the chance Hubster and I had yesterday to have some concentrated time with just our oldest son.

* For humor....we would not be able to survive around here without it!
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  1. I was scrambling for hats and mittens this morning too! I definitely need to organize all the winter stuff. And my laundry room, well that's another matter! Look forward to your updates.


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