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Monday, August 18, 2014

Can't Put It Off Any Longer: Playroom "Befores"

 I've seriously been dreading this day and have been putting it off. Today is the day I show you the "before" pictures of our beloved playroom.

These aren't pictures taken the day we moved in ten plus years ago folks. I took these photos on Friday!
It's embarrassing really. I mean there's the green print curtains from my last attempt at updating the playroom alongside the blue checked couch that was passed down from my in-laws. Blech!!!

Since this room stopped being an actual playroom for the kids, it's become a catch-all for all the furniture we really don't want anymore, stuff that doesn't really have a "home," laundry I'm avoiding, etc. It's a hot mess, for sure.

I see a lot of de-cluttering in my future. Ugh!
But I keep telling myself to keep my eyes on the goal....a clean, comfortable place for our family to hang out. Besides, next to these photos, the "afters" will look even better, right?  :D
(Here's my inspiration photo again.)
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Playroom Update: Sampling Paint Colors

Yesterday I was FINALLY able to get out and pick up a couple paint samples for the playroom at my neighborhood Sherwin Williams store. Having the kids home for the Summer makes getting out to do things like that difficult. But yesterday I was able to run out for a half hour and pick up the paint. Thankfully, my Sherwin Williams store is really close by.

(If you are just tuning in you can read HERE about my process of picking out a wall paint color for the playroom.)

I came home with my small cans of Comfort Gray (SW 6205) and Sea Salt (SW 6204) and immediately painted the samples on the wall. I started with the Comfort Gray and I liked it a lot. But the farther I went I started to get a sneaking suspicion that it was a little too dark. The playroom is a pretty small room. Next came Sea Salt.


I let the paint dry completely and I found myself walking in the room every few minutes to look at it. Believe it or not, after all my unscientific research, I'm pretty sure that Sea Salt is going to be the color for us.
It's still a nice gray (with a greenish cast), but is a little lighter. In making my decision, I took into account that someday I would like to get a dark gray sectional for the room. Maybe something like the IKEA Ektorp. I like the idea of a little more contrast between the walls and the sofa.

So that's where things stand with the playroom. School will be starting in a couple weeks and I don't think I will be painting before that. Plus we have a little architectural challenge we have to overcome before we paint. I'll explain more about that another time.
But the moral of this story is....even though you think a paint color looks perfect on the paint chip, in a picture, or in somebody else's room, it's worth it to buy a sample and try it out first in your own room.


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Friday, August 1, 2014

Finding The Perfect Paint Color For The Playroom

I took some time yesterday to try and zero in on the perfect wall color for the playroom (when I got tired of walking around IKEA shelving boxes.) I'll show you the number one contender in a minute. But first I want to share with you the resources I used to help me narrow it down.

I started out at a great blog called Favorite Paint Colors. Kristin's blog is a terrific resource. Readers send her photos of rooms they have painted in a certain color which she in turn posts on the blog. She also categorizes them by color family, room, and paint brands and you can search her archives by any of those categories. I began my search by looking through all the grays. I made a short list of some colors I thought might work for the playroom.

From there, I did a Google image search of the specific paint colors to see how they looked in even more rooms. This is always an interesting search to do because you can see how a paint color looks in different lighting and with different trim, flooring, and furniture colors. It's amazing how different a color can look in different rooms. Sometimes you'll be lucky and will find an image than resembles your own room which is really helpful.

After Google, I went to Pinterest and searched the color again. I'm always surprised by how specific you can get on Pinterest. I searched by the color and brand and even more room images came up for me to look at. What's really helpful is when somebody else has already compared a couple colors you're considering and has painted samples on their wall for you to contemplate. Saves you a lot of time and money (getting samples.)

So you may have noticed that my #1 contender right now is Sherwin William's Comfort Gray.

On Pinterest I found these rooms that I loved.

The first one was Nester's sitting room.


Another room that caught my eye was this kitchen that was redone by Layla at The Lettered Cottage.

See what I mean about the color looking different depending on the light in the room? But I like the way it looks in both photos so I think that's a good sign.
The other great thing that happened when I searched on Pinterest was that in the search results were several rooms that I had admired on Pinterest before....which gave me a little confidence that I was on the right track.
So, what's next? Well, hopefully in the next couple days I will be able to get over to Sherwin Williams (I have a store really close to me) and pick up a sample of the paint to try out. I may also get one of the next lighter shade on the paint chip (which is called Sea Salt) just to compare. I'll give them a try in the playroom and let you know what I think.
What are your thoughts on Comfort Gray?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Favorite Bloggers, Part 3

It's been a long time since I shared one of my favorite bloggers with you. I think I'm a little overdue!

If you've been around the DIY/Home D├ęcor blog world for a while, you probably already know her. But if not, I'd like to introduce you to KariAnne who blogs at Thistlewood Farms.

KariAnne is a red lipstick wearin', dangle-y earring-lovin', sweet tea-drinkin' girl from Kentucky. She and her family moved from an urban area out to the country and lovingly renovated and restored their home at Thistlewood Farm.

 The first thing that will strike you when you visit her blog are the stunning photos of her beautiful home.

You'll stick around looking at the many creative projects KariAnne has shared.
But trust me on this's the stories that will keep you coming this sweet one that is one of my favorites.
And the laughter. There is definitely lots of laughter.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Season Is YOUR House?

Do you remember back in the day when you could have your "colors done?" I was kind of young at the time, but what I remember is that some supposed color expert would tell you what "season" you were based on your skin tone, hair and eye color, and personal color preferences. Based on what season you were, they would then recommend what color clothes, makeup, and even accessories would look best on you.

I've been itching for a change around here again. Looking around the other day I realized that Summer is not really my house's season. Not that I'm really ready for Fall, but my house definitely shines in the colors of Autumn. (With Winter coming in a close second.) With it's oak woodwork and floors, stone hearth, and the warmer paint tones, it's naturally going to look it's best in the warmer colors of that season.

(Old camera photos ahead. Consider yourself warned!)


If your home is painted in cooler shades with crisp, white trim, it probably looks it's best and most natural in Spring or Summer.

All this business of seasons doesn't keep me from changing up my decor for Spring or Summer, but since my home looks it's best in the Autumn, I think I feel more comfortable in my home then too.



Have you ever thought about what season your house is? Does it affect the way you decorate or accessorize? Does it make a difference in how comfortable you feel in your home?

Have you ever had YOUR colors done?
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