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Friday, October 18, 2013

Easy Kitchen Updates, Part 2: Pendant Light Adaptor And More

I promised to share another easy thing we did to update our kitchen today. Yesterday I told you about how we transformed a wall in the kitchen with bead board wallpaper. If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

Today we're going to talk about lighting and paint.

2.) Pendant Light Conversion Kit

Before, our over-the-sink lighting was just a typical recessed can light. Not too pretty or interesting. At Lowe's I found this Pendant Light Conversion Kit which allowed me to easily convert the can light to a pretty pendant light with a shade.

This had to be about the easiest project EVER. And I'm no electrician.


You simply screw the adaptor into your can light just like you would the light bulb. Adjust the cord to the desired length and tighten a screw on the cover plate. Then just attach your shade and you're done. Easy peasy!

The shade does not come with the kit....which is good...because then you can choose whatever style, size, and color shade you want. I chose this great burlap one.

I love that this project was so easy, was fairly inexpensive (the kit was 24.99 and I think I payed around $20 for the shade), and had a nice impact on the room. It added some texture and even more importantly, I use the light over the sink way more now. 

3.) Paint

The third thing we did was paint. You've probably heard it said a million times. The least expensive way to make a big impact on a room is with paint.

The color we chose was Sweet Almond by Valspar.

It wasn't really a huge change color-wise.....just a little creamier looking than what we had before. But it definitely freshened up the space.

And I guess under the category of paint, I could include our chalkboard wall. This was so easy to do and made a HUGE impact on the room.
(This photo was taken after I finished the chalkboard project, but before we painted the rest of the walls.)

So there you have it.....some super simple and fairly inexpensive ways we updated our kitchen. I hope it inspires you to find simple ways to freshen up a space in your home.

Today's Thankfulness....


* For the chance to sleep in!

* For other bloggers who inspire me.

* For the home God has given us.

Make it a great day everyone!
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