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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Our Fall Porch: The Playoff Edition

Sometimes it's not about things looking pretty. Sometimes it's about seeing your boy smile.

So I present to you.....Our Fall Porch: The Playoff Edition.

Have I told you how big a fan my boy is?

Earlier in the season the guys received these team flags that were a giveaway at one of the games they attended. I told my son if our team made the playoffs I would put the flags up outside.

Sunday, the team confirmed their spot and tomorrow night the playoffs begin.

I saw it as an opportunity. First off, I saw it as an opportunity to see my boy smile. How I love to see that boy smile!

Second, it was opportunity to make a memory. Honestly, (and this is in no way meant to disparage our team. It's just reality) who knows if my son will ever see his team in the playoffs again in his lifetime. I sure hope so, but you never know. I hope years from now that my son will say, "Remember the year that the Indians made the playoffs....and Mom decorated the porch?" Hopefully he will know that even though I was a fan too, I really did it to see him smile.

And hopefully our decorations will be up well into October.


It's time for some THANKFULNESS!

* I'm thankful for sunshine on an Autumn day.

* I'm thankful for a godly husband who handles even the small things with great integrity.

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