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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What Season Is YOUR House?

Do you remember back in the day when you could have your "colors done?" I was kind of young at the time, but what I remember is that some supposed color expert would tell you what "season" you were based on your skin tone, hair and eye color, and personal color preferences. Based on what season you were, they would then recommend what color clothes, makeup, and even accessories would look best on you.

I've been itching for a change around here again. Looking around the other day I realized that Summer is not really my house's season. Not that I'm really ready for Fall, but my house definitely shines in the colors of Autumn. (With Winter coming in a close second.) With it's oak woodwork and floors, stone hearth, and the warmer paint tones, it's naturally going to look it's best in the warmer colors of that season.

(Old camera photos ahead. Consider yourself warned!)


If your home is painted in cooler shades with crisp, white trim, it probably looks it's best and most natural in Spring or Summer.

All this business of seasons doesn't keep me from changing up my decor for Spring or Summer, but since my home looks it's best in the Autumn, I think I feel more comfortable in my home then too.



Have you ever thought about what season your house is? Does it affect the way you decorate or accessorize? Does it make a difference in how comfortable you feel in your home?

Have you ever had YOUR colors done?
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