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Friday, January 3, 2014

Four Things For Friday 1.3.14


Here is the first Four Things For Friday for 2014! (It is Friday, right? My days are still so mixed up.)

1.) Let me be one of the last  people to wish you a Happy New Year. Ha! 2014 is only a couple days old and I already feel so behind! Yesterday I began the process of taking down everything Christmas. And some time today I will begin undecorating the tree so Hubster can take it down tomorrow. After all the Fall and Christmas decor I'm a little stuck on what to do now. Not sure if I want to leave a little red out through February or move right back into some yellow and aqua. I received some pretty things for Christmas that I'd like to put out too. So we'll see.

2.) We had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration with dear friends. This is the fourth year that we have traveled to West Virginia to be with them. We always have such fun playing games, and eating, and playing more games.....and eating some more. You get the idea. And sometimes we throw a movie in....just to be a little crazy. We ring in the New Year early with festive hats, accessories, and noisemakers....for the kids, 'ya know. It's actually getting to be for the adults too because we rarely make it to midnight any more.

We love spending time with Tina and Brian. Our kids absolutely ADORE them and it is so nice to spend time with friends who really get our kids. They are wonderful hosts and make us feel like we have had a true little getaway.

The last two years, we have dined on a New Year's Eve dinner of various appetizers. Tina makes a couple and I make a couple. She makes an awesome buffalo chicken dip that I love and eat way too much of.

And in the morning, we were treated to yummy pumpkin waffles. 

3.) We really have enjoyed the Christmas break. We've had a good balance of getting together with family and friends and chilling at home. It was so nice to have Hubster home all but two days that the kids have been off. It is going to be rough to get up at 5:15 again come Monday morning.

4.) I have to admit that it has been difficult to blog during the last two weeks. What with the kids home and all our comings and goings. Not to mention that we have been SLEEPING IN! I feel like I have to get my groove back. And hopefully next year I will do a better job of planning ahead to get over this little bump.

2013 had lots of home improvements to share. I'm not sure what 2014 will hold as far as that goes, but I hope you will join me on the adventure!
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