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Monday, January 20, 2014

Favorite Bloggers, Part 2

Good Morning!

Today's post is coming to you from "somewhat sunny, but warmer-than-Ohio"....Florida! We are having such a good time so far. In our travels Sal and I have already shared a couple giggling only two sisters can share. Mom and Dad have made us feel so welcome in their little home away from home. They are showing us a good time!

So today I'm bringing you another one of my favorite blogs....Our Fifth House.

Carmel's style is somewhat different than mine (I like to think of it as "Sassy Ralph Lauren"), but she always has such good ideas that are a jumping off point for me and help me be more bold and creative in my own home.

I first came across Carmel's blog while doing a Google search for chalkboard walls WAY before I ever did the chalkboard wall in our kitchen. Her post about her chalkboard calendar gave me the confidence to take a step and paint a whole wall in our kitchen black when I'm sure there we're those that thought I was crazy. Ha!


And then there was her Mudroom closet. My, oh my, how I adore that closet! It was a HUGE inspiration for mine.


Her use of beadboard wallpaper in the closet inspired me to use it in our kitchen even before the Mudroom closet project.

She even convinced me that converting a recessed light over our kitchen sink to a pendant light would be an easy project. And it was!


It just goes to show you that you can gain inspiration from a lot of sources and easily adapt them to your own needs and tastes.


So stop on over to Our Fifth House and check out the rest of Carmel's beautiful home. You may find yourself inspired to try something bold and new in your home or the confidence to try something you thought you couldn't do.

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