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Friday, September 12, 2014

Four Things For Friday 9.12.14

Happy Friday!!

Here are some things that have been rolling around in my mind over the last few days......

1.) Cross Country.

My daughter is running on her middle school cross country team this year. This is a whole new world for us in so many ways.

I am NOT athletic in any way....just ask my family. However I do love sports. My dream was always to be a mom. And I always thought I would be the mom who was at all her kid's sporting events, cheering them on. Obviously, God had different plans and our family was created through the adoption of kids with special needs. I've learned to cheer them on in other, [much more important] areas.

But THIS YEAR my daughter is running and we have been thrown knee-deep into the world of school sports. And I find that my mind is in a constant whirl of thoughts related to cross country and it's effects on our family.

* When is the next meet? * Is the uniform clean? * Is it going to rain? * What time will dear daughter be home? * Does she have homework? * Will the course be wheelchair-friendly? Will Hubster be able to leave work in time to be at a meet? What am I going to make for dinner and when will we eat it? Etc., etc.

We are having a good time and I LOVE going to the meets, but I just had no idea how much it would consume my mind.

2.) Yesterday I was at Target and found all these goodies!

Burlap, and banners, and chalkboard tags....OH MY!! You KNOW how much I like chalkboards, right?  I already have ideas floating around in my head for some of these items. But I also like having things like this in my "stash" to pull out whenever I'm feeling a creative whim.

3.) Last week I entered the 21st century and got my first smart phone. Yep, I was just a little behind. (No offense to those family members who like their un-smart phones.)

4.) Not that I didn't know this before, but God sure knows what He's doing. The whole four seasons idea is a good one. We are such fickle and discontented people. When it's cold, we can't wait for hot. When it's hot, we long for cold. But God is so good to us. Just when we think we can't handle any more heat, He sends Fall our way....His gift to us.

"My children, you are so silly, but I love you anyways. Here you go!"

I'm looking forward to a little sweatshirt weather this weekend. Remind me in the middle of Winter how much I wanted cooler temperatures, okay?

I hope you have a great weekend!
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