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Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Traditions At Our House: Almond Toffee

Good Monday morning everyone!

It's time for another one of our family's Christmas traditions. And this one just happened to take place over the weekend.

For about the last eight years, we've made Almond Toffee to give away to teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, friends, and family. (And we eat a little bit ourselves too!)

Saturday was the perfect day to stay home and make it because this is what it looked like outside.

 The recipe we use is from and you can find it HERE.

This "project" is really Hubster's thing. And it really is a batches were made this year. He did all the actual candy-making. I was in charge of the chocolate and almond coating. Then, he broke up all the toffee into peices and I packaged it all up. It definitely was a team effort.

Hubster's printout of the recipe is rather tattered, stained and scribbled upon. But after making it so many times, he doesn't even refer to the recipe any more.

Our house always smells heavenly when the toffee is being made.

After the  toffee cools a bit melted chocolate is spread on each side and ground almonds are spread on top.

And.....the finished product. It really is delicious and makes a nice hostess or teacher gift.

The kids love passing it out to all their teachers.

So if you're looking for something different to make this year, try some Almond Toffee!

You can read about our other Christmas Tradition too!

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