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Monday, September 2, 2013

Flea Market Finds

I hope everyone is enjoying this Labor Day weekend!

Friday evening the Hubster asked me if we had any plans for the holiday weekend. Nope, not really. He asked me what I would like to do. All summer, I had been itching to go to a flea market that is not too far away from us, but when Saturday rolled around each week, it just never worked out for us/me to go.

"Weellll, I really would like to go to the flea market," I said. I had visions of great discoveries of blue Ball jars, pretty plates (my weakness), or what I was REALLY looking old, painted, six-pane window for my mantel.

"Would you like to go alone or would you like this to be a family 'outing'?"

Such a loaded question. But we made plans for us all to go. It is the unofficial last weekend of Summer after all. In looking up the hours online, I discovered that this was this flea market's busiest weekend of the year. Yeah.

Saturday morning we announced our plan to the troops. And The Hubster also told everyone that they would each have five dollars to spend at the flea market however they wished.

"What a brilliant plan," I thought. This will keep the kids engaged in the experience trying to find the perfect thing to buy.

So off we went. And they weren't kidding. It WAS the busiest weekend of the year. Which, under normal circumstances, would be great. More to choose from, right? But you will learn very quickly that we are anything BUT normal circumstances. We are a girl who likes to walk quickly with her Daddy, flitting from one thing to another....a  60+ pound, 13 year-old boy who likes to walk slowly and insists on holding his mother's hand thus dragging her down, and a boy in a power wheelchair who is really doing the best he can, but needs guidance from either Mom or Dad to make his way through the crowds of people. No, we are NOT normal circumstances.

And The Hubster's brilliant $5 plan would have been great too, except child found what he wanted almost immediately and was then child found what she wanted almost immediately, but Dad told her she should look around more before she decided and thus she complained for the next 45 minutes....and one child had a hard time finding anything he wanted.

So do you want to see our "treasures?"

We came away with two "titanium" necklaces, a bag of butterscotch candy, a jar of Uncle Gizzy's XXX Hot Horseradish, a toy Volkswagen Beetle....oh, and the slice of pumpkin roll and peanut butter whoopee pie that are not pictured because they were consumed on the drive home.

Sorry if you were expecting to see Ball jars and pretty plates....or an original copy of the Declaration Of Independence that we found on the back of an oil painting.

And windows? Yep, there was a booth with loads of them, exactly what I wanted. Good prices too. But it just wasn't the right day to buy them, you know? A bit of a bummer. BUT the kids will talk about going to the flea market for a long time, and the treasures they found, and the time spent together. There will be other days to find the perfect window.

So what did you do to make memories with YOUR family this weekend?

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  1. YAY!!!! I'm so glad you finally got to go. Isn't it A TRIP? LOL It's not like anything else! p.s. Guess we can alter G's Christmas list, huh? ;D I love the colors she chose!


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