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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Adding Color To A Room For The Seasons

It's no surprise that I like to decorate for the seasons.  Besides making our home festive for holidays and the different seasons, it always makes me feel good to have some change in my life every once in a while.

Even though I sometimes have holiday decorations that I use, mostly I make changes with color. Today I thought I would share some of the simple things I use to add color to my rooms.

Before I do that, I want to give you two tips that I think give seasonal color punch in a room.

First, I think having a neutral background for your color makes a huge difference. It took me a long time to 1.) figure this out, and 2.) actually make this happen in our home. Over time, with used furniture finds, hand-me-down furniture, and a couple new pieces I have been able to accomplish this. It didn't happen overnight. It took time and patience. But I think in our main rooms we are finally to that place.

Second, if your going to add seasonal color to a room, I think it makes more impact if you stick with a certain color palate. For February, I used  red and turquoise. In the Fall I usually go with orange and yellow. So once you've decided on a color scheme, start gathering things from around your house in those colors.

Here are the four most common things I use to add seasonal color to a room.

I LOVE using dishes to decorate with. There are so many pretty choices. You can go with solids or patterns or shaped dishes like the leaf plates above. To me, it's like adding art to my room. I use plates, bowls, platters, cups, saucers, pitchers all over the place! HomeGoods and TJMaxx are my best sources for dishes, hands down.

You can make a lot of color impact in a room with pillows. There are beautiful ones out there, but they can be outragiously expensive. HomeGoods and Target are great sources. For example, I found the red heart pillow in "The Spot" at Target for about $3. You can also get creative by making your own pillow covers like I did with the red striped ones. They cost me a fraction of the price as similar ones I saw online.

I must confess that I have a bit of a candle issue. I have a lot of them and I have to keep myself from buying more. But candles and candle holders are a SUPER easy way to add some color to a room. You can use colored candles or jazz up a plain white pillar like I did for Valentine's Day. Get creative.  My most favorite candles are actually the jar candles from Bath & Body Works. They have great long-lasting scents and colors, plus their pretty labels often have seasonal looks. Watch for them to be on sale occasionally and be on the lookout for other candles on clearance as well, especially after a holiday

Using things from the outdoors can often add a burst of color to a room besides adding texture as well. And I use that term "living things" loosely because sometimes I use real live things and sometimes I use faux.

Here are some examples....

* fresh or faux flowers 

* potted plants or bulbs

* pinecones

* fresh or faux fruits and vegetables (like lemons in Summer and pumpkins in Fall.)

* forced branches

* wreaths made of greenery

* pine clippings in Winter

So there you go, some simple tips from me on how to add color to your room.....especially if you like to change things up a bit every once in a while and don't want to spend a fortune.

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