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Monday, December 29, 2014

Where The Wild Narcissus Grow

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did! Ours was filled with lots of family get-togethers.... good food, giggling cousins, playing games, fun presents. We also had a beautiful and meaningful Christmas Eve service celebrating and contemplating Jesus at His birth. It was a great Christmas!

So, it's about time to wrap this year's Christmas celebration up. Soon the decorations will all come down. (We usually wait until New Year's Day around here.) But I wanted to give you a funny little update on something you may have noticed was missing from my Christmas Home Tour. If you remember, back in November I planted some Paper white bulbs (also known as Narcissus.)
When I took the photos for the home tour, they were growing well, but didn't have any blooms yet. Since they weren't quite ready for their beauty shot, I left them out. I thought I would write a separate post when they bloomed and looked perfect like I had imagined. Remember my inspiration?
That didn't quite happen though.
Two of the three containers grew and grew and eventually they each had two blooms....that's it. The other container was a little stunted and didn't grow very tall at all.

The two grew so tall that I had to stake them up. And eventually they were even too tall for that!


I guess you could say that paper whites were a bit of a FAIL for me. I mean, they mostly grew, but I didn't get tons of blooms. We haven't had a whole lot of sunshine lately in northeast Ohio, so I wonder if that was part of the problem. I also read somewhere where you can add alcohol when you water them to keep them from growing too tall. But I will have to look into that a little bit more.
So even though they didn't turn out as I planned in my head, I just have to laugh. And maybe we'll do better next year.

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